BBBox: the Solar Electricity Storage and UPS Backup Solution for Domestic Homes and Businesses.

Electricity is the backbone of each industrialised society and economy. The increased dependency on continuous power supply related to electronics and daily life makes todays’ society much more vulnerable concerning power supply interruptions. That’s why BBBox is the perfect solution. It stores solar energy and with ist fast UPS function it keeps electronics running smoothly during load shedding or sudden blackouts, in your home, Office, small and medium businesses, retail spaces, and even public institutions.

Private Homes

BBBox “Solar”: the smart Storage and Backup Solution for your Home and Home-Office.

The BBBox “Solar” with its integrated solar charger can be connected to solar arrays up to 5.8kWp and stores the over day harvested electric energy for use at night and protects you from sudden power outages.

You are enjoying your well-deserved evening and all lights in your house go out – no lights, no TV, no music, no security. You are working on your computer finishing the work you brought home with you – sudden blackout – the entire work from the past hour is lost. However, this can be prevented by installing a BBBOX that keeps your house electrified.

Use your solar power at night
Reduces the electricity bill
Blackout Protection for:
– Computers, TV & Audio
– Security Systems
– Fridges & Freezers
– Lights
ca. 1996, Dallas, Texas, USA --- Residential Home --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


BBBox „Standard“: the perfect UPS Backup Solution for Offices.

Many companies are unprepared for business disruptions caused by power blackouts. Unexpected power outages or load shedding can cause irreversible data loss and impact deeply the company operations. With the BBBox and it’s UPS function, your office stays productive without any interruption, by keeping appliances running.

Blackout Protection for:
– Computers
– Phones & WLAN Router
– Printers, Scanners & Copy Machines
– Lights

Security Systems

BBBox „Standard“: the smart UPS Backup Solution for Security Systems.

Power outages are prime opportunities for burglars. Maintaining your system status when the power is out is critical. With a BBBox and it’s fast UPS function, your shop and your home will always be secured and monitored without any interruption.

Blackout Protection for:
– Computers
– CCTV Cameras
– Security Alarms
– Security Lights & Illumination
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Stores and Retail Spaces

BBBox “Standard”: the perfect UPS Backup Solution for Stores & Retail Spaces.

Blackouts can severely hit shops, while causing hours of lost trade. With a guaranteed switch-over time of less than 20 milliseconds from mains to battery power, the BBBox with it’s fast UPS function keeps your shop running by providing uninterrupted power for the main appliances. It replaces polluting generators.

Blackout Protection for:
– Computer Cash-Desks
– Security & Anti-Theft Systems
– Fridges & Freezers
– Lights


BBBox “Solar”: the Hybrid All-round Solution where no Mains is available.

High in the mountains and everywhere there is no mains connection is available, the BBBox stores your solar power. Optionally, a small wind turbine can also supply additional electricity. In the event that the sun and wind producing insufficient power and the batteries getting low, an additional generator, which is automatically started by the BBBox, can maintain the power supply. Thus, the energy supply is always guaranteed.

Electric Power Supply for the entire House
– Small Wind Turbine
– Automatically starting Genset


BBBox “Solar”: Micro-Grid – the Solution for small Villages without connection to the Electric Grid.

Several BBBoxes can be combined into a the single- or three-phase mini-grid power supply for small rural villages. With sufficient battery capacity they can supply several households. An additional power supply with a small wind turbine and/or a self-starting emergency generator is possible.

Complete Power Supply of several Households
– Small Wind Turbine
– Automatically starting Generator